A Thousand and One Creatures

Did you know that the octopus has three hearts? Why do migratory birds migrate? Can an animal sleep standing up? Why is the camel called ‘the ship of the desert’? How do bats navigate in the dark?

Tuhat ja yksi otusta (A Thousand and One Creatures) is Finnish visual artist Laura Merz’s first children’s book published in 2016 by Etana Editions. Merz’s illustrations capture the true nature and wild energy of animals through a minimalist yet detailed and observant visual language.

The book, written by Aino Järvinen and Laura Merz, presents peculiar, thought-provoking and often funny facts about animals. You can read about birds, mammals, reptiles and insects in a playful narration that encourages discussion between children and parents. The whimsical illustrations offer interesting perspectives on the lives of different creatures, always leaving room for the viewer's own imagination.  Born from the authors’ love for nature, the book invites readers of all ages to marvel at the wonders of wildlife on our planet.